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Trail Stewardship Solutions

Putting a Brush Stroke in Nature, While Conserving it

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About Us

We build trails anywhere on the planet! Trail Stewardship Solutions specializes in Trail Consulting and Construction.  From  a Stewardship approach trail design is specified for the exact location and terrain so it appears that the trail has always been a part of the landscape.  At Trail Stewardship Solutions we strive to give every trail a feel that it belongs exactly where it is.  We are a licensed Federal Contractor and also hold licenses in California and Arizona.

California License # 1065788

Arizona License # 325328

Federal Duns # 117084852

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Trail Construction

Trail Construction comes in many sizes and shapes and can be customized to meet your needs.  Trail standards and specification vary by client and all can be achieved.  Trails can be built from 12 inches wide to 12 feet wide. Trail surfaces can vary as well from natural surface to hardened surfaces.

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Trail Design

All trails are designed to be sustainable with minimal maintenance needed and to last forever.  Trails will embrace the natural terrain, ecology, geology and landscape of the area for the trail.

Trail Maintenance

With a properly designed trail, maintenance would be a minimum.  However there is always a need for tree trimming, brushing, and drain enhancement.  Which is all services we are willing to provide.

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Trail Work Features

Built To Last

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Gates and Fencing

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Hardened Surface Trails

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Mechanized Trail Construction

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6513 N 82nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250


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